Warwick Valley Wildcats Lacrosse is the newest youth lacrosse league in Warwick NY. Registration open to boys and girls grades K -8 of all skill levels from Warwick, Florida, Chester, Greenwood Lake and surrounding communities.

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Welcome to Warwick Valley Youth Lacrosse, Inc. 

We are the WV Wildcats!

WV Wildcats Youth Lacrosse is Warwick's fastest growing not-for-profit youth lacrosse league!  Open to boys from grades K-8 at all skill levels, our staff includes 4 Level 2 and 4 Level 1 US Lacrosse certified coaches and we focus on skill development, sportsmanship, instilling confidence, and teaching leadership.

The League hosts fun family events and provides plenty of opportunities for parental involvement.  As members of US Lacrosse, Mid-Hudson Youth Lacrosse and, most importantly, the Warwick Valley community, the WV Wildcats blends expertise with enjoyment to foster the love of lacrosse and to grow lacrosse in Warwick.

Our Guiding Principles:
+ Sportsmanship and teaching the concepts of fair play are essential to the game and must be taught at all levels and developed on the field during practices and games.
+ The value of good sportsmanship, the concepts of fair play and the skills of the game should always be placed above winning.
+ The safety and welfare of the players are of primary importance.
+ Coaches must always be aware of the tremendous influence they have on their players. They are to strive to be positive role models in dealing with young people, as well as adults.
+ Coaches should always demonstrate positive behaviors and reinforce them to players, parents, officials and spectators alike.
+ Players should always demonstrate positive behavior and respect toward teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, parents and spectators.
+ Coaches, players, parents and spectators are expected to demonstrate the utmost respect for officials and reinforce that respect to players/teammates. Coaches are also expected to educate their players as to the important role of lacrosse officials and reinforce the ideal of respect for the official to players/teammates.
+ Grievances or misunderstandings between coaches, officials or any other parties involved with the sport should be communicated through the proper channels and procedures, never on or about the field of play in view of spectators or participants.
+ Spectators involved with the game must never permit anyone to openly or maliciously criticize, badger, harass or threaten an official, coach, player or opponent.
+ Coaches must be able to demonstrate a solid knowledge of the rules of lacrosse, and should adhere to the rules in both the letter and the spirit of the game.
+ Coaches should provide a basic knowledge of the rules to both players and spectators within his/her program. Attempts to manipulate rules in an effort to take unfair advantage of an opponent, or to teach deliberate unsportsmanlike conduct, is considered unacceptable conduct.
+ All players, at any skill level, are welcome.
+ All players will receive fair coaching, practice and playing time.
+ A high coach-to-player ratio and individualized instruction will be offered.
+ All parents are welcome to participate and/or volunteer.
+ Board of Directors positions are elected by the parents/members of the organization. The positions are held for two years.
+ The Board will be managed in an open format; where coaches, parents and directors are available to the public during meetings.
+ The Board will maintain an open dialogue with the league and its members.
+ Commentary and decisions will be open and transparent.
+ Requests for information will be addressed in a timely manner.
+ Players will be rewarded for effort as much as achievement.